Asbestos Diseases

Asbestos Injury Litigation Lawyers Fighting for Those Exposed

For decades, builders, mechanics and plumbers widely used the toxic substance of asbestos in a variety of projects. With a strong, fibrous composition, asbestos was conveniently favored as a versatile building substance and thought to be the answer for several needs, as it was also durable and resistant to fire. Unfortunately, it was discovered (about 30 years ago) that a person’s exposure to asbestos had the potential to cause serious, long-term and even fatal harm. As more time passed, more cases of people were diagnosed with illnesses related to asbestos exposure. Henceforth, asbestos lawsuit after lawsuit have been filed, making it a prevalent issue. We have experience in asbestos litigation cases and we are here to help you! If you or anyone you know needs asbestos help now, call us today.

Anyone who has been diagnosed with an asbestos-related disease should seek the immediate help of lawyers experienced asbestos litigation. We are dedicated to helping people who need asbestos help now. We are here to remind you of your legal rights and to let you know what your options are and which are best for you to explore. Should you or anyone you know have an asbestos lawsuit, find the brief overview (below) that lists some of the diagnosed diseases that have been linked to exposure to this dangerous and harmful substance.


Asbestosis is one of the most common diagnoses associated with asbestos exposure. As the result of inhaling asbestos fibers, this condition brings forth the attempt by the lungs to eliminate these fibers with certain cells. Unfortunately the fibers are too long to be completely eliminated, resulting in a leak of fluids into surrounding tissue. This fluid eventually builds up to the point where a person has extreme trouble breathing. If you need asbestos help now, call us.

Lung Cancer

For decades, people have been aware of lung cancer and its high mortality rate. Most people associate the diagnosis of lung cancer with exposure to tobacco smoke, both first and second-hand smoke. However, research has proven that people can contract lung cancer from long-term exposure to asbestos. Lung cancer can be fatal in many cases, but the ultimate result of any diagnosis will largely depend on how early or late this disease is diagnosed. Knowledgeable in issues concerning asbestos litigation, our team is dedicated to helping you with your asbestos lawsuit.

Pleural Disease

Pleural disease is a term used to describe several different conditions. The common thread is that people (with pleural disease) suffer from harm to the pleural lining of their lungs. This lining consists of two separate membranes—one membrane that covers the lung and the other that serves as a protective layer to the chest wall. When exposed to asbestos fibers, the fibers invade these membranes by becoming lodged inside of them, disrupting the membrane’s ability for protection of these vital areas.

How Asbestos Injury Lawyers Can Help with Your Asbestos Lawsuit

When people are diagnosed with a disease that’s the result of exposure to asbestos, many are devastated and unsure of how to proceed. If this includes you or someone you love, make an immediate effort to treat this problem aggressively and get help from lawyers experienced in asbestos litigation as soon as possible. Contact Parilman & Associates today for asbestos help now to schedule a free initial consultation.

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