Corporate Watchdog Group Takes on Johnson & Johnson Regarding Vaginal Mesh Injuries

Transvaginal mesh lawsuits

A corporate watchdog group has launched a new Web site designed to bring awareness to the dangers of transvaginal mesh product surgeries. The watchdog group is known as the Corporate Action Network and its focus seems to be on Ethicon, Inc., a division of Johnson & Johnson. The new Web site provides information regarding vaginal mesh injuries and provides an opportunity for whistleblowers to submit information in a confidential manner. The group is making several different efforts to bring people to its Web site.

In addition to simply launching the Web site, Corporate Action Network is working to engage in viral online marketing for it. Mentions of the Web site and links to it can be found all over social media channels. The main point behind the Web site aside from awareness is to prompt the government to launch an investigation into Ethicon’s and Johnson & Johnson’s internal practices regarding these vaginal mesh products. To date, tens of thousands of transvaginal mesh lawsuits have been filed against both corporate entities.

These vaginal mesh lawsuits allege that as a result of using these products, women suffered serious injuries that included:
• Vaginal perforation
• Internal bleeding
• Erosion of vaginal tissue
• Infections
• Extreme pain during intercourse

Many women needed additional surgeries to have these vaginal mesh products removed, and many allegedly suffered permanent harm as a result of using them.

What Are Transvaginal Mesh Products?

Transvaginal mesh products were originally used in some forms in the 1950s for hernia correction surgeries. Some surgeons began to use them in the 1970s to deal with the problems for which they are currently used, but many of these devices were basically self-made at the time. The conditions transvaginal mesh products are used to treat include Pelvic Organ Prolapse, or POP and Stress Urinary Incontinence, or SUI. In the mid-1990s, companies began to manufacture these products in order to mass market them for treating these problems.

How Big Is the Transvaginal Mesh Injury Problem?

Given how popular these products are and how often they are used, the estimates regarding the number of transvaginal mesh lawsuits that have already been filed is staggering. Some estimates indicate that more than 40,000 of these claims have been initiated. Many of them have been brought against Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon. The problem is seen by many as so widespread that different groups such as the Corporate Action Network are taking steps to build momentum against those who may have manufactured these harmful products.

If you or someone you love has had this type of a product implanted and you’ve suffered as a result, you need to take your own steps to protect your legal rights. The best way to do so is to obtain help from professionals who understand how to hold even the largest corporations accountable. Contact the transvaginal mesh lawyers at Parilman & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation. You can do so either by emailing the firm or by calling 800-800-DRUG.