FDA Warns Public of Dangers of Overdosing on Acetaminophen

The FDA issued a statement this week that warns consumers to be careful not to take too much acetaminophen for pain or fever. This warning was issued because the FDA felt that too many people were accidentally overdosing on this substance. When people take too much acetaminophen, they can put their health in a position of serious risk. In addition, the FDA stated that taking more than what is seen as a safe amount will not provide the benefit of more immediate pain relief. The problem stems from the fact that acetaminophen is present in many prescription pain medications as well as in products that can be bought over the counter.

Specifically, acetaminophen is an ingredient in prescription medications such as oxycodone, hydrocodone and codeine. Many people will use these medications for pain and they will supplement those medications with over-the-counter products such as Tylenol, which also contains acetaminophen. When all of these substances are ingested, it could lead to a person taking more acetaminophen than what is considered safe. The FDA has set the maximum amount of acetaminophen that should be taken in one day at 4,000 milligrams.

In addition to the statement that the FDA issued, the agency also announced that it will take regulatory action to limit the products that are still available on an over-the-counter basis that contain more than 325 milligrams of acetaminophen per dose. There are still several products out there that contain as much as 500 milligrams in every pill or capsule. When people take too many of these doses per day, they put themselves in danger.

How Acetaminophen Can Harm a Person

Acetaminophen has proven to be effective in terms of relieving pain and reducing fevers in consumers. That is why it is so commonly used in different types of medications. However, when too much of it is ingested, it can inflict serious harm in the following ways:

• Liver damage
• Liver failure
• Severe skin reactions
• Death

Even the skin reactions that occur with people can be deadly. These reactions can involve serious rashes and even the detachment of the top layer of skin tissue. When people lack the protection provided by their skin, they become much more vulnerable to infections and other problems.

Acetaminophen and Your Legal Rights

The FDA warning was also directed at doctors, as they are supposed to help patients understand the dangers of overdosing on acetaminophen and how to avoid this mistake. They are also being asked to limit the dosages of the prescription medications described above to 325 milligrams per dose. Patients should also be counseled to avoid using Tylenol or some other over-the-counter medication with these medications.

If you have used acetaminophen for pain and you’ve suffered as a result, you need to understand how you came to be harmed. It if was because you were unaware of the strength of the acetaminophen dosage in a product you bought or your doctor did not help you avoid this problem, you need to take steps to review your legal rights and options. You can do so by contacting the acetaminophen lawyers at Parilman & Associates today by calling 800-800-Drug to schedule a free initial consultation.