Federal Judicial Panel Consolidates Bard IVC Filter Lawsuits Into MDL

The federal lawsuits filed against C.R. Bard have been consolidated into one action.  This new action is known as a multidistrict litigation, or an MDL.  The United States Judicial Panel on Multidistrict Litigation decides whether or not actions should be consolidated into an MDL.  That panel has decided that this is an appropriate step for the Bard IVC filter lawsuits currently pending in the federal court system.  A judge in Arizona will oversee the proceedings that typically take place before a trial.  This decision is expected to bring more efficiency to this set of lawsuits filed against C.R. Bard.

About the New C.R. Bard MDL

C.R. Bard manufactures several different types of products, but the two at issue here are the Bard Recovery Filter System and the Bard G2 Filter.  At this point, there are approximately two dozen individual lawsuits pending against C.R. Bard.  These lawsuits all claims that using one of these filter systems led to serious injuries on the part of the plaintiffs.  If all of these Bard IVC filter lawsuits were heard individually, it could take several years if not longer for all of them to be heard.

As such, the judicial panel decided that forming a Bard IVC filter MDL would best serve the interests of justice.  There are a few general requirements that need to be met in order for a set of lawsuits to be consolidated into an MDL.  Basically, all of the individual claims must generally involve similar facts and similar allegations.  That was the case with these claims against Bard.  An MDL will also be formed in order to avoid duplicitous discovery process, potentially long delays and the possibility that different claims will lead to inconsistent verdicts.

Why Are Consumers Suing C.R. Bard?

Consumers around the United States are suing C.R. Bard claiming that using their IVC filters caused substantial injuries to them.  IVC filters are used to help people prevent the formation of pulmonary embolisms, or blood clots in the lungs.  These products are almost like spiders, and they are implanted inside the body to catch blood clots in other parts of the body to prevent them from traveling to the lungs, where they become more dangerous.

Unfortunately, several allegations arose that claimed that both of these C.R. Bard products were defective.  As such, people who filed Bard IVC filter lawsuits claimed that these defects led to serious internal bleeding and other injuries that required medical intervention.  The consumers involved in this new Bard IVC filter MDL are all seeking a recovery of damages that will help them defray some of the losses incurred.

The Bard IVC Filter MDL and Your Legal Rights

If you or someone you love has suffered as a result of either one of these products, you need to act now to protect your legal rights.  You should contact the IVC filter lawyers at Parilman & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation.  You can either email the firm or call 800-800-DRUG.