Fosamax Lawsuits Fast-Tracked

Fosamax Lawyers

Fosamax Lawsuits have been popping up since 2006, four years before the FDA issued a warning that Fosamax and drugs like it, may be linked to femur fractures. Fosamax law firms have been fighting the drug’s maker, Merck, ever since.

Fosamax lawyers and their clients assert that although the drug was prescribed to patients with osteoporosis to lessen bone loss, it actually caused more bone issues. The most common injuries are atypical femur fractures which occurred during normal, non-strenuous activity, and dead jaw, a bone disease which causes infection and deterioration of tissue in the jaw.

To date, over 12,000 Fosamax lawsuits have been filed against Merck in both state and federal courts. The cases are collectively known as Multidistrict Litigation No. 1789 (MDL), and have all been transferred to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York under Judge John Keenan.

While Fosamax law firms have battled Merck for almost 8 years, the company staunchly refuses to settle. As a result, Judge Keenan will transfer cases back to their home courts for individual trials. Fosamax lawyers aimed for moving 75 MDL cases per month. Judge Keenan, however, will transfer 200 cases per month beginning November 1st.

Originally, Merck’s attorneys requested that only 100 cases be moved over the next six months. With Fosamax lawsuits moving at such a fast rate, however, Merck’s trial costs will likely increase exponentially, which may be more incentive for the company to settle the cases more quickly. Fosamax law firms may be far closer to achieving justice for their clients.

If you, or someone you love, suffered a bone-related injury or disease while using Fosamax, please contact Parilman and Associates for a free consultation. Our Fosamax lawyers will work fast to get you the money you deserve to help pay medical bills and other costs associated with your Fosamax injury.