Lawsuit Filed Alleging That Supracervical Hysterectomy Spread Uterine Cancer

Power Morcellator Lawsuits Filed in Large Numbers

Richard Wolf Medical Instruments Corporation has been named as the defendant in a California products liability lawsuit filed by a woman in federal court. The company manufactures the Wolf Power Morcellator. The plaintiff alleges in her power morcellator lawsuit that the use of this device during a surgery spread uterine cancer. The allegations contained in this lawsuit are similar to those that are contained in other claims that have been filed in large numbers across the United States. The lawsuit was filed in the Northern District of California.

According to the complaint associated with the case, the plaintiff underwent a supracervical hysterectomy in 2012 in order to remove fibroid tumors that were found in her uterus. As is often the case with these procedures, the doctors who performed the surgery were unaware that one of those growths contained what are known as leiomyoscarcoma cells. The plaintiff further alleges in the case that the use of the Wolf Power Morcellator caused the spread of these cancerous cells through her peritoneal cavity. As a result of this spread, the woman was diagnosed with metastatic cancer, which is cancer that spreads to different parts of the body. In this instance, the plaintiff allegedly developed four cancerous lesions on her lungs.

What is a Power Morcellator?

As stated above, this lawsuit centers on the use of a power morcellator. A power morcellator is a medical device that is used in surgeries such as hysterectomies. These devices are designed to minimize the invasive nature of these surgeries. Specifically, surgeons using a power morcellator are able to cut uterine fibroid tumors into small pieces before removing them through a small, laparoscopic incision. The theory behind these devices is that they will substantially reduce the pain and harm inflicted on a patient and thereby reduce her recovery time.

Power Morcellator Lawsuits Filed in Large Numbers

Unfortunately and as alluded to above, this latest power morcellator cancer lawsuit is far from the first. Enough of these claims have been filed that Ethicon has halted sales of these products for the time being. This announcement by Ethicon, a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson, also came on the heels of a public warning regarding power morcellators that was issued by the FDA. That warning stated that doctors should avoid using power morcellators for these surgeries given the potential risks involved.

Hysterectomy Cancer Lawsuits and Your Legal Rights

It seems too early in this process to determine just how many women may have been harmed by the use of power morcellators. Anyone who has had this type of a procedure done should seek medical attention if for no other reason than to confirm that nothing is wrong. Those who have been forced to endure a diagnosis of the spread of cancer need to protect their legal rights. Consumers should seek the help of power morcellator lawyers who understand what it takes to hold even the largest corporations accountable for the harm they have done. If this includes you or someone you love, contact Parilman & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation. You can do so either by emailing the firm or by calling 800-800-DRUG.