Report Indicates Side Effects of Zofran at High Doses Increases Risk of Heart Problems

A recent report warned medical professionals about the potential dangers of high doses of Zofran and other nausea medications.  The report stated that taking these medications in high amounts can lead to problems with a patient’s heart rhythm.  In addition to taking the medication in high doses, this danger also appears to be present for those patients who take one of these medications intravenously.  This report is only the latest bit of news that has been released recently regarding alleged Zofran side effects, but other drugs also come under scrutiny in this report.

The report was written by researchers at the renowned Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York.  It was published in the Journal for Nurse Practitioners.  A link to the report can be found here (subscription required).  The report mentions the following drugs that are used in order to treat the symptoms of nausea:

  • Zofran
  • Aloxi
  • Anzemet
  • Granisol
  • Sancuso

These medications are members of a class of drugs known as selective 5-hydroxytryptamine type 3 (5-HT3) receptor agonists.  They are specifically designed to mitigate the symptoms associated with nausea and vomiting, and they began to emerge on the American market in the early 1990’s.  Zofran was approved for use in 1991 and its manufacturer is GlaxoSmithKline.  Generally, these medications are prescribed to patients who are undergoing chemotherapy, as nausea and vomiting are common side effects of these cancer treatments.

Previously-Alleged Zofran Side Effects

Unfortunately for some, Zofran in particular began to be prescribed for what is known as ‘off-label’ purposes.  That means that a drug is used for a purpose other than for which it has been approved by the FDA.  Zofran was prescribed often for pregnant women who were suffering from the effects of morning sickness.  It was at about this time that reports of alleged Zofran side effects began to emerge around the country.

These alleged Zofran side effects included the risk for infants born of mothers who had used Zofran early in their pregnancies to be born with birth defects.  Some examples of these birth defects include:

  • Cleft lip
  • Cleft palate
  • Heart murmur
  • Structural heart defects
  • Fetal growth restriction

These newly-alleged Zofran side effects could affect more people than the infants of mothers who had used the drug early on in their pregnancies.

Zofran Side Effects, the FDA and Legal Scrutiny

Unfortunately, this is not the first piece of negative news to come about with regards to Zofran.  In 2012, the FDA issued a public warning with regards to the link between Zofran and the development of heart problems.  Because of the problems experienced by pregnant Zofran users, their children and others who have experienced heart problems while using the drug, Zofran lawsuits have been filed in different jurisdictions across the United States.

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