Stryker Hip Replacement Lawsuit Could Cost a Billion Dollars

Stryker hip replacement recall

Stryker Corp the, manufacturer of the Rejuvenate and ABG II hip implants, is looking at a much more expensive problem than originally expected. Stryker hip replacement lawsuits filed with complaints about the implant corroding and causing side effects like painful swelling, coupled with a recall of the implants in 2012, could cost the corporation upwards of $1.13 billion dollars. These new calculations are almost double that of the original projected costs for the recall. Ultimately, the actual cost of the Stryker hip replacement lawsuit will depend on a number of factors. Some of those include the number of patients that require revision surgeries, the costs of those surgeries and the fees to settle lawsuits that have been filed.

In 2009 when the Stryker hip replacements were released more than 20,000 were sold in the United States before the recall occurred, two years after introducing the hip implants onto the market. Since that time, over 430 cases have been filed by personal injuries attorneys against Stryker Corp. Over 25% of those complaints have been filed in the last three months as patients are learning that they may need a personal injury attorney to help them navigate the complicated waters of the recall and any injury they may have sustained from the hip replacement. Mediation efforts are set to begin on a group of these cases by no later than December 15, 2013.

While personal injury attorneys are pleased with the progress of the case, many patients still must traverse a steep hill to recovery. Some patients who have been affected by the Stryker hip replacement implants are now given the opportunity to have a revision surgery, but these additional procedures aren’t necessarily making them feel much relief. Many patients have voiced their concerns over having their implant replaced with one manufactured by the same company. There fears are valid points that need to be addressed by their physicians and Stryker Corp who have lost the trust of doctors and patients.

With the cases against the Stryker hip replacement recall piling up, now is the time for people who have suffered from this implant to speak up. If you or someone you know has been negatively affected from a Stryker hip replacement then now is the time to contact a personal injury attorney. They will be best suited to help you receive the compensation that you deserve. You can learn more about this case and others that we are working on for our clients by calling us or filling out our quick Contact Us form. We are looking forward to helping you get on the road to recovery.