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When parents report to a medical facility to give birth to a child, they are placing what many believe to be the ultimate in trust in the professionals who will be helping manage the delivery. Most of the time, that trust is well placed, as the majority of births go relatively well and result in a healthy mother and child. That’s likely the result of years of intense training that everyone who manages births must complete before working directly with parents.

Unfortunately, not all births go well, and many of those that go wrong do so because of some sort of mistake that was made before, during or immediately after the delivery. When parents discover that their vulnerable child has been harmed, they are almost always emotionally devastated. This is why anyone in this position should seek the immediate help of experienced birth injury lawyers. Below you’ll find a brief overview of how birth injury lawyers can help families in need.

Handling the Immediate Aftermath

As stated above, when parents discover that their child has been harmed as a result of a mistake made during the delivery process, they are often in no position to take the immediate and critically important steps necessary to protect their legal rights and the rights of their child. Birth injury lawyers who have handled these cases in the past can make sure that all of the relevant evidence regarding this situation is preserved and properly gathered, which could prove critical in terms of the ultimate result of the legal matter that follows.

Handing Other Professionals

Anyone who has been involved in a lawsuit that arose because of the infliction of a serious birth injury will agree that when such a situation arises, dealing with potential defendants can be extremely difficult. Medical facilities have staffs that include representatives and defense attorneys whose job is to limit the liability that they face. This can make obtaining the necessary information difficult as well as adding delays to the entire process. Birth injury lawyers who deal with these matters on a regular basis can cut through the red tape and move the process of evaluating a claim forward with a higher degree of efficiency.

Helping Understand the Process

Finally, when parents are overcome with shock at the realization that their newborn child has been severely injured, it can be difficult to understand what the process of holding those responsible for this harm accountable entails. Birth injury lawyers with experience will be able to help parents obtain some perspective about what needs to be done so that the process can move towards a resolution that’s as positive as possible.

Ultimately, realizing that your child has been harmed while being born is an extremely difficult situation to face. If you find yourself in this position, seek the help of birth injury lawyers who have been fighting for the rights of newborns for many years. Contact Parilman & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation, 602-757-7175.

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