Chiropractic Injury Lawsuit

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Trusting a chiropractor to treat or even heal physical issues isn’t uncommon. Unfortunately, not all chiropractic experiences go as planned. People have begun filing suits against chiropractors due to negligent manipulation during treatments. These can be tricky cases and so it is pertinent to obtain legal counsel from an attorney with the proper experience to handle the case.

About Cervical Manipulation

Chiropractic adjustments are a fairly common course of treatment for a variety of issues experienced by patients. Regular adjustment can help relieve pain and even claims to help with issues such as joint motion and coordination, poor posture, and even physical function and performance. During an adjustment, a chiropractor will use specific, precise force to help normalize spine function by placing pressure on joints that are not moving properly.

Cervical Manipulation Injuries

Cervical manipulation can help relieve some physical issues, but it can also have dire consequences if not performed properly. These issues include:

  • Artery dissection
  • Brain stem and PICA tears
  • Severe dural tears
  • Myelopathy and permanent injury to the spinal cord
  • Stroke

Cervical Manipulation Lawsuit

Many cases have already been settled in regards to cervical manipulation injuries. These cases have set a precedent and are bringing more people forward with injuries related to chiropractic adjustment. If you or a loved one suffered from one of the above-listed injuries, it is important to act now. Contact Parilman Law with any and all questions in regards to seeking legal compensation for a cervical manipulation injury at 602-757-7175.