Depakote Side Effects

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Alleged Depakote birth defects have led many people to consider filing a Depakote lawsuit.  People across the country continue to be harmed by using this medication, and a large majority of them are people who were exposed to this medication while they were in the wombs of their mothers.  Generally speaking, a Depakote lawsuit will contain allegations that children were born with sometimes-terrible Depakote birth defects because their mothers used this medication while they were pregnant, particularly during the first trimesters of their pregnancies.  Despite years of public scrutiny, Depakote side effects remain an enormous problem for consumers in the United States.

Depakote is manufactured by Abbott Laboratories, and despite many years of allegations of Depakote side effects that include Depakote birth defects the medication remains on the market.  It was originally approved for use in the United States in 1983, and eventually many people began to consider filing a Depakote lawsuit because of serious problems that arose.  Some of these problems resulted from using this medication for its intended purposes, while other Depakote side effects allegedly arose after consumers had been given Depakote for ‘off-label’ or unapproved uses.

What Is Depakote?

Depakote is known as an anticonvulsant medication, in that it helps people avoid seizures and other problems that affect the brain.  Specifically, Depakote has been prescribed to help people deal with manic episodes associated with bipolar disorder and with the symptoms of migraine headaches.  For more than 30 years, Depakote has been one of the leading anticonvulsant medications available on the prescription market despite so many allegations regarding Depakote side effects.

Alleged Depakote Side Effects

As stated above, a large portion of the allegations relating to this medication involve Depakote birth defects.  The danger appears to be particularly high for children whose mothers used Depakote during the first trimester of pregnancy.  Specifically, using this drug during the early stages of pregnancy can lead to a malformation of the neural tube, which ultimately develops into the brain and spinal cord.  When a neural tube defect occurs, the resulting birth defects can be devastating and include:

  • Spina bifida – A lifelong condition that can lead to the inability to walk and other problems
  • Anencephaly – A failure of the brain to develop that often leads to stillbirth or death shortly after birth
  • Heart malformations – Heart malformations can also lead to fetal death
  • Cleft palate – An opening at the top of the throat that requires surgical correction

The FDA has required Abbott Laboratories to place warnings on the labels of Depakote several times over the years given these alleged Depakote birth defects.  Despite these warnings, consumers have often faced the possibility of filing a Depakote lawsuit to recapture some of their losses.

Is a Depakote Lawsuit Appropriate For You?

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