Stevens-Johnson Syndrome

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When people take prescription medications, they almost always only consider how those medications will deal with their underlying health problem that they are attempting to correct. That means that many people do not openly and seriously consider the potential risks associated with different prescription medications, and this leads to much in the way of shock and surprise when serious side effects develop.

One of the most serious and otherwise rare side effects that can result from taking several different prescription medications is a disease known as Stevens-Johnson Syndrome, which is commonly known as SJS. Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is a progressive, painful and terrifying disease to deal with for a patient. If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with SJS, you need to seek the help of experienced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome lawyers as soon as possible. Below is a brief overview of this extremely debilitating disease.

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome – A Brief Overview

Stevens-Johnson Syndrome is an otherwise rare and extremely painful disease that attacks the skin tissue of the patient. SJS usually sets in because of some sort of allergic reaction or because of some sort of side effect to a prescription medication. SJS usually begins with symptoms that are easily dismissed by a patient as a common rash on parts of the body.

However, SJS is a disease that continues forward relatively quickly, and what was a rash soon transforms into blisters. These blisters eventually lead to the death of the top layer of the skin tissue in the area that’s been infected, and the dead skin tissue peels off. Since the mucous membranes that exist under the skin are also killed by SJS, there is generally nothing left behind when the skin dies off and no new skin tends to grow in its place.

As a result of this condition, many patients face weeks if not months of medical care in order to overcome Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. This medical care can include multiple protocols of medication and skin graft surgeries. In the meantime, patients are put in an extreme position of risk because the skin and the mucous membranes underneath it serve a critically important function for the patient.

This function is to protect the underlying organs and tissue in the body from viruses that are generally airborne. Without the shield from the skin that’s maintained by the skin tissue, the patient is extremely vulnerable to infections. As a result, SJS can be fatal for some patients, particularly those who do not seek immediate medical attention when the early symptoms begin to appear.

How Stevens-Johnson Syndrome Lawyers Can Help

Perhaps one of the most difficult steps involved with protecting the legal rights of someone who has been diagnosed with SJS is tracing its cause to a certain medication and then proving that the use of that medication is what led to this diagnosis and this suffering. Those who face this challenge already have enough on their minds with regards to fighting this difficult disease.

If you or someone you love has been diagnosed with this condition and you think it may be due to the use of certain prescription medication, you need to seek the help of experienced Stevens-Johnson Syndrome lawyers who have been fighting on behalf of injured consumers for many years. Contact Parilman & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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