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People all over the United States are individually considering whether or not they should file an AndroGel lawsuit, and many of them are currently in contact with an AndroGel attorney.  That’s because this form of testosterone replacement therapy, or TRT is beginning to create problems for consumers who have undergone this treatment in order to help overcome what is commonly known as ‘low-T’ or low testosterone levels.  Anyone who has undergone this form of therapy and who has suffered what they believe are AndroGel side effects should also contact an AndroGel attorney in order to learn more about their legal rights and options.

AndroGel is manufactured by AbbVie Inc., which branched off from Abbott Laboratories, one of the true giants of the pharmaceutical industry.  For the past three years, this testosterone-based gel that is available via prescription has generated at least one billion dollars in revenue during each 12-month period.  It is one of the best-selling pharmaceutical medications currently on the market in the United States.  As such, it’s possible that many people are suffering or could suffer from AndroGel side effects and wind up needing the help of an AndroGel attorney so that they can pursue an AndroGel lawsuit.

The reason that so many people are considering an AndroGel lawsuit is because men who have used this product have shown a dangerous propensity to encounter serious heart and circulatory system problems that include heart attacks, strokes and high blood pressure among other problems.  These AndroGel side effects tend to arise relatively soon after a person begins to use this product, but in some cases it may be too late to fully overcome the harm done by the time these side effects arise.  Some AndroGel attorneys have heard tragic stories about lives being ruined as a result of these problems

While AndroGel is certainly one of the leading products within the testosterone replacement therapy market, these medications are extremely prevalent overall.  Some estimates indicate that as many as three percent of all American men under the age of 40 either are undergoing or have undergone testosterone replacement therapy.  Men have taken this step because ‘low-T’ can lead to a lack of energy, a lack of muscle tone, a lack of sexual performance and in some cases a lack of mental focus.  TRT is supposed to help alleviate these problems.

The Realities of an AndroGel Lawsuit
People who have suffered from AndroGel side effects need the help of an AndroGel attorney because consumers who are injured by dangerous products are typically not in a strong position to take on large corporations.  These corporations have billions of dollars at their disposal to help protect them from legal and financial liability, and these assets can provide them with highly-skilled defense attorneys and other experts.

If you find yourself in a position where you may need to consider filing an AndroGel lawsuit, you need to make sure that you fully understand your legal rights and options before moving forward.  Contact the AndroGel attorneys at Parilman & Associates today at 800-885-DRUG to schedule a free initial consultation.