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Millions of people suffer from medical disorders that include epilepsy and migraine headaches. For centuries, people who suffered from these conditions basically had no choice but to suffer through them. In the past 20 years, though, several medications have come to market that are designed to treat these conditions. One of the leading medications in this regard is known as Topamax, which is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson.

Unfortunately, as more and more people began to use Topamax, serious Topamax side effects eventually began to arise. Many of these side effects appeared in the form of birth defects that developed in children whose mothers had used this medication during the early stages of pregnancy. If your child has suffered in this regard, seek the help of experienced Topamax side effects lawyers as soon as possible. Below is an introduction to this issue.

Topamax – A Brief Description

Topamax is a medication that is part of a group of medications known as anticonvulsants, and its basic function is to slow down the impulses that shoot back and forth in the brain. When these impulses move too quickly, it can lead to the seizures that result in epileptic seizures and in some cases migraines. The active ingredient in Topamax is topiramate, and Topamax has been available on the market since 1996.

Alleged Topamax Side Effects

Unfortunately, recent years have seen a spike in reports of alleged Topamax side effects. Specifically, these side effects have included the tendency for children of mothers who have used this medication during the early stages of pregnancy to be born with birth defects. These birth defects have included:

  • Cleft lip and palate – Many children whose mothers have used Topamax during the first trimester of pregnancy were born with cleft lips and/or cleft palates. Basically, these children were born with a cleft, or opening on the top of the interior of the mouth near the throat and/or the top lip.
  • Hypospadias – Hypospadias is a congenital birth defect that affects the genitals of male children. Boys who are born with this condition have an opening of their urethra that appears on the underside of the penis. This problem can only be corrected with surgery.

How Topamax Side Effects Lawyers Can Help

If your child was born with a birth defect and the child’s mother used Topamax during the first trimester of pregnancy, you face a difficult challenge that includes surgery and perhaps the need for ongoing therapy so that the child can learn to talk and eat properly. This could take time and often involves great expense.

Therefore, if your family has suffered in this regard, you need to seek the help of experienced Topamax side effects lawyers who have been fighting successfully for the rights of consumers for many years. Contact Parilman & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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