Defective Products

Defective Product Lawyers Holding Corporations Accountable

People throughout the United States purchase consumer goods every day, and most assume that if that product has managed to reach the retail shelves that its safe for use in its intended manner. Unfortunately, thats not always the case, and people have been injured or even killed by defective products at an alarming rate. When this situation arises, those who have been harmed are often unsure of where to turn for help for their defective class action suit.
If you or someone you love has been harmed as a result of using a defective product, seek help from a team of defective product attorneys. Having the experience and knowledge necessary to support and argue your case, a team of defective product attorneys will stand up for your legal rights. Below is a brief introduction to the two legal theories generally used to hold those responsible for the harm suffered accountable in a defective class action suit.

Dangerous Product Lawyers – Defective Design

One of the common legal theories used by experienced dangerous product attorneys is defective design. Basically, this theory that asserts that a serious mistake was made during the design of the product by the engineers who built the specification for it. As a result, the same dangerous defect would be present in every unit in that product line and therefore, creates an enormous risk of harm to the general public. The discovery of a design defect often leads to the recall of a product. This would be a plausible case for a defective class action suit.

Dangerous Product Lawyers – Defective Manufacture

In addition to defective design, is a legal theory known as defective manufacture. This theory entails the facts of a situation dictating such an approach. Unlike defective design, defective manufacture asserts that a mistake was made on the assembly line when a product was being built. As a result, as few as one or as many as several lots of a product line could be defective, but it doesnt mean that every unit is dangerous for use by consumers. While product recalls will occur, they do not tend to occur as often.

Dangerous Products Lawyers – Holding Corporations Accountable

People harmed by a defective product often face a difficult challenge in proving their case to a court. Not only will proving a plaintiffs case in a defective class action suit usually require the assistance of expert witnesses who can specifically explain what was wrong with the product, but that burden of proof must be met, while working against a corporation and a team of highly effective defense attorneys.

Therefore, anyone who has been harmed in this manner needs to seek the help of defective product attorneys who have been fighting successfully for the rights of consumers against these large defendants for many years. Contact Parilman & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation, 602-757-7175.

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