DePuy ASR Hip Recall

Parilman & Associates – Attorneys Handling DePuy ASR Complaints

Most people who report to a hospital because they need a new hip never contemplate the possibility that they will encounter the need to file a hip replacement recall lawsuit ahead of time. Instead, the reality of needing to file a hip replacement lawsuit is something that tends to fall onto their laps after they have suffered through weeks if not months of extreme pain and suffering.  Aside from that, the next reality that tends to hit consumers is that filing a hip replacement lawsuit will not be easy, as many companies that manufacture these products have millions of dollars in resources at their disposal.

DePuy ASR complaints have arisen because these artificial hip products simply did not function properly. Given the high number of people who have suffered because of this allegedly defective product, the company has hired a third party administrator to help reimburse patients for the costs that they incurred.  Those who have been affected by this product must show that third party administrator that:

  • They had the ASR hip replacement system implanted.
  • The implant product failed to function properly.
  • They had to undergo corrective surgery as a result of this failure.

Unfortunately, many patients were not happy with the results of their DePuy ASR complaints.  Some felt that they did not receive the compensation that they deserved and others felt that they simply were not treated properly.  When such a situation arises, the only real response is to file a hip replacement lawsuit.

Parilman & Associates is a law firm that has helped clients decide what to do with their DePuy ASR complaints.  Since the product was recalled, many of the people who have worked with the firm have gone ahead with a hip replacement recall lawsuit against the company.  Different claims around the country have led to awards of damages for several different forms of losses, including:

  • Medical costs incurred as a result of the need for additional care and procedures
  • Medical costs associated with implanting the product that led to the filing of the hip replacement recall lawsuit in the first place
  • Pain and suffering endured because of the defective product
  • Pain and suffering that would be encountered in the future
  • Court costs associated with filing the hip replacement lawsuit
  • Loss of income because of the inability to work based on the defective product

As stated above, it is generally not a good idea for a consumer to file a hip replacement lawsuit against a corporation without legal help.  There are entire defense law firms out there that do nothing but dedicate themselves to defending these hip replacement recall lawsuits, and they are highly skilled and experienced professionals.

If you find yourself in this position, you need to obtain the help of professionals who are also dedicated to pursuing hip replacement recall lawsuits, especially those who have years of experience in holding those responsible for this type of harm accountable. Contact Parilman & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation. 

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