Porter Ranch Gas Leak

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Porter Ranch Gas Leak

Many citizens have been affected by the largest methane gas leak in U.S. history. People and businesses in the Los Angeles neighborhoods of Porter Ranch, Granada Hills, Northridge, and Chatsworth have experienced adverse health and financial side effects due to this leak. SoCalGas is responsible for the leak and should be held accountable. People living in the area or businesses in the area should contact an experienced lawyer immediately.

About Porter Ranch Gas Leak

In early 2016, even as early as late 2015, SoCalGas found a methane gas leak affecting Los Angeles neighborhoods. Some citizens were evacuated, but not all. Some businesses were even forced to shut down, either due to the gas leak or due to the owner’s illness from the gas leak. The leak continued for an extended period of time and many claim SoCal Gas was to blame due to a removal of a safety valve that could have stopped the leak.

Reasons to Take Legal Action

Living in the area that was affected is reason enough to seek more information from an attorney, but some of the effects the leak has had on citizens include, but are not limited to:

  • Illness or exacerbated illness
  • Decline in property value
  • Loss of finances or business

Porter Ranch Gas Leak Lawsuit

As stated above, even living in the area near the leak is grounds for seeking legal reparations. Talk to an attorney today about your case and personal situation to see if you qualify for legal compensation. Parilman Law is here to help. Call TODAY! 602-757-7175.