Superbug Duodenoscope

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Superbug Duodenoscope

Numerous people are scoped every day. However, a particular brand of scope has been linked to an antibiotic resistant superbug that has caused serious injury and even death. People or their loved ones are coming forward to now file suits against the maker of the scope that has been linked to this superbug outbreak. It is vital to seek an experienced attorney with expertise in this area.

Superbug Duodenoscope and its Issues

A duodenoscope is a thin tube with a camera on the end placed down a patient’s throat during endoscopic procedures to diagnose various issues or injuries. While scopes like this have been on the market for decades, Olympus redesigned the scope, yet never sought FDA approval for their particular design. Physicians were not trained on how to properly clean the newly designed scope which then lead to an outbreak of carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriacaecontanim, or CRE superbug. This antibiotic resistant superbug lead to many further complications for patients, some cases resulting in patient death.

Superbug Duodenoscope Lawsuit

While it is crucial for patients or their loved ones to act fast on this case, it is important to note that these outbreaks were limited to 2013 or early 2014 in certain areas of the United States. Contact Parilman Law for more information or to determine if you have a case against the Olympus manufacturer of the duodenoscope. In January of 2016 Olympus did issue a recall for these particular scopes so action must be swift. CALL TODAY for FREE CASE EVALUATION – 602-757-7175.