Nursing Home Abuse

Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers Standing Up for the Rights of Seniors

As the population of the United States ages collectively, leading to more seniors being placed in assisted living centers, the industry faces a difficult conundrum. The ever-increasing demand is placing a strain on the hiring practices for these facilities in many areas, and when mistakes are made within staffing, situations can quickly spiral out of control. That said, there has been an increase in nursing home lawsuits, calling for an increased need for nursing home negligence lawyers.

One of the most difficult situations for a family to face is encountering the suspicion that a loved one is being abused, while living in an assisted living center. Anyone with this suspicion should seek the advice of experienced nursing home negligence lawyers.
Provided (for you) below is a brief overview of potential warning signs that your elderly loved one may need the representation of a nursing home negligence attorney.

Unexplained Physical Injuries

The most obvious indication that an assisted living center resident is being mistreated is when unexplainable physical injuries appear on his/her body. Bruises, cuts, bedsores and other types of injuries that may (initially) seem minor could actually be a sign that abuse is occurring—especially, if the resident cannot or will not discuss the cause. While physical injuries may be apparent, more investigating is still needed prior to filing a nursing home lawsuit.

Unexplained Changes in Personality

It’s not uncommon for people who move into an assisted living center to undergo some personality changes. However, when a person seems completely different than he or she ever was and that change is sudden, it could be a sign of stress and/or fear that’s a result of mistreatment or neglect by the staff at the facility. As with physical injuries, a change in personality alone will still require more investigation prior to to filing a nursing home lawsuit.

Unexplained Financial Transactions

Many times when a person moves into an assisted living facility, a family member or trusted confidant will help to oversee that person’s finances. If cash withdrawals or other strange financial transactions occur without explanation, this may be a sign of potential abuse. This should trigger suspicion and should not be dismissed as mere oversight. Prior to contacting a nursing home negligence attorney, keep a close eye on the financials.

How Nursing Home Negligence Lawyers Can Help

If you suspect that someone you love is being mistreated in an assisted living center, act fast and contact nursing home negligence attorney for guidance and help. Should it be determined that an actual nursing home lawsuit is needed, rest assured that the experienced nursing home negligence attorney will fight for your loved one’s rights. Know that you’re doing the right thing; since many residents in these facilities are unable to seek help on their own. Even if it turns out that nothing improper was occurring, you can rest easier knowing that you were thorough in checking on it.

If it turns out that something improper was occurring, you have the help necessary (through nursing home negligence attorney) to hold those responsible accountable. This way, you can restore the safety and dignity of the person you love. If you find yourself suspecting this type of a problem, contact the nursing home negligence lawyers at Parilman & Associates today to schedule a free initial consultation.

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